_MG_9960Rebecca Tanyar-Mead DipCNM mBANT mCNHC mIFM

UK registered, accredited naturopath and nutritional therapist.

My clinical practice, Modern Naturopathy, combines naturopathic methods with evidence based nutritional science and the benefits of functional testing, to provide personalised holistic care through natural medicine. Think of it as your ‘natural health GP’, a place to come for you and your family’s everyday health needs, any relevant testing, and if recommended, a referral to one of my network of professional colleagues should you require more continued care, or a deep dive into the root cause of your symptoms. I seek to support the whole person, listen to their individual story, and create a potential to reach the root cause of ill health.

I utilise many modalities, including nutrition and nutraceuticals, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and mycotherapy.  Having completed the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice training with the Institute of Functional Medicine (www.ifm.org) I am also practiced in functional laboratory testing and integrated Functional Medicine, moving away from the disease-centric model of treatment, towards personalised care.

Clients can expect a naturopathic systems biology–based approach to their first line, and future proofing, care. They can also expect all round intuitive support, with referrals to colleagues in specialised fields including nutritional therapy, functional medicine, acupuncture, reflexology, massage therapy, and also mental health practitioners, both counsellors and psychotherapists.

With many years of experience in the naturopathic health world, a large network of well respected colleagues, and a family of my own, I am in a unique position to help you meet your health needs by providing natural remedies and strategies for your health symptoms, and advice on where to go for chronic conditions, or more specialised care, if needed.

How would this pan out in real life? Perhaps you have a nasty cough you can’t shake? I could suggest, based on your personal needs, a combination of herbs, medicinal mushrooms and aromatherapy that will help shift it, plus advice on nutrition and immunity to prevent future problems. Perhaps I would suggest nutrient status or food intolerance testing. You could book in for a follow up should symptoms persist, and maybe a referral would be made. Or perhaps your child has an earache, or a tummy bug, and I would apply the same, age relevant care.

Having previously worked with clients one-to-one long term for their chronic health conditions I have chosen to concentrate on providing immediate relief of symptoms with personalised natural remedies, plus general all round advice, much like your regular GP.

Why? I have noticed two things that I feel hamper general health and well-being.

Firstly, an over reliance on pharmaceutical medicines, leading to problems with side effects and often a recurrence of original symptoms, encouraging ‘poly-pharmacy’….. and more side effects! I found that clients were coming to me for the chronic, underlying conditions the GP couldn’t find an answer to, but undermining that care with frequent courses of pharmaceutical drugs for symptoms that could, when caught early enough, be improved with natural remedies with no detrimental side effects. Often, these chronic conditions came about through lack of diet and lifestyle advice, and this over reliance on pharmaceuticals. When required, of course, medical drugs are a lifesaver, but, when appropriate, trying natural remedies first can avoid negative side effects and improve overall health too, helping to build a more resilient body and mind.

Secondly I see problems navigating the overwhelming, and unfortunately sometimes poorly trained, world of ‘alternative health’ practitioners. It can be a minefield, and often takes many tries to access the practitioner that works for you. Pinpointing this saves stress and finances.

You will also have 30 minute appointments, instead of the 10 allotted by your regular GP – this is what allows the time for personalised care.

My expertise lies in searching for the reason underlying your symptoms, and recommending natural remedies that are effective for you. I can offer you practical, effective first line and lifestyle remedies for any number of complaints, including common childhood illnesses, digestive issues, infections, general first aid, headaches, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, mental health issues, and any other health complaint you may have, plus trusted, effective referrals. With the option of functional testing, it’s possible to arm you with in depth, personalised results that will shape your health journey.

Where tests are available on the NHS, I can supply a referral letter for your NHS GP.

I am committed to lifelong learning, having also gained extra certification in mycotherapy and aromatherapy, as well as staying current with continued courses in the functional medicine arena. I am also a certified mould practitioner, a growing problem for people’s health.

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