Modern Naturopathy offers:

Free 15 minute booking in call 

We’ll talk about briefly about your concerns, how the consultation would work, and whether I’m the right therapist for you, or your child.

One to one health consultations

I’ll take a full health and symptom history, and work with you to address your concerns. You’ll receive your own personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan with a support package of information leaflets and recipes. I also offer a medical testing service, through private laboratories. I prefer to see clients for a minimum of two full sessions, however some chronic health conditions will be ongoing. It is not always clear from the start how many sessions will be optimal, but I endeavour to give as much transparency as I can. My priority is to support and educate my clients towards self sufficiency as soon as possible. The first session will always be face to face, where possible.

For children with gut, behavioural and/or emotional issues, I will more often than not recommend some functional laboratory stool and urine testing, which is priced separately. For adults with gut, hormonal and autoimmune issues these are also very useful, and despite the initial cost often save time and investment in your ongoing treatment plan. I do recommend testing, for many diverse symptoms, however, I often work without if budget doesn’t allow. It is your choice.

Follow up appointments can be via Skype or FaceTime if necessary, though consultations in person are preferable.  I can only see children under 16 with a parent (with parental responsibility) or guardian present.

Please enquire for further details on what to expect at your consultation, including fee structure. 

Home ‘Overhaul’

I also offer a Home Overhaul – either individual, or for your family. I come to your home and spend 2 hours with you discussing diet and lifestyle habits, likes and dislikes, and then a pantry audit. I provide a week’s menu plan with recipes and shopping lists, and any relevant health information leaflets. This has been an invaluable resource to help my clients on their journey towards better daily habits. It’s hands on, practical, and tailored to your needs.

Functional testing service

I offer a complete range of tests through private laboratories. These can be useful for gut and hormonal health especially, including tests for infections, and food sensitivities and intolerances. These are all individually priced.

Where tests are available on the NHS, we will supply a referral letter for your GP.

When appropriate I can offer a testing only service – a medical and symptom history will still be taken via intake form, and I will provide a short analysis report (only on the tests taken), including a recommended supplement schedule. This is not a substitute for a full One to One Health Consultation, but is a useful service when appropriate. Please enquire for further details.


Relaxed and informal events for small groups of up to 6 people. We talk about nutrition, and cook and eat together, perhaps over a glass of antioxidant rich wine 🙂 Dates tbc. Please get in touch for further details –

Mental Health Support

If you feel a mental health team may be able to support your needs better, I am proud to work closely alongside Beacon House, an integrated mental health and occupational therapy service based in Cuckfield, Sussex. This means I can support your care if needed with a psychologist or psychotherapist from their team. Please see their website for further information on their services.


We offer a small percentage of clinic hours at a reduced rate for those on a low income, please ask for further details if you feel this is something you may qualify for.