Red chicory and microgreens


This is delicious as a BBQ side dish. Crisp, fresh and cuts through any fattier cuts of meat. Known as chicory in the UK, this broad leaved member of the Cichorium family, is called endive in the U.S. High in A, K, and B vitamins, it also contains kaempferol, a flavonoid that confers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antidiabetic, anti-osteoporotic, estrogenic/antiestrogenic, anxiolytic, analgesic and antiallergic benefits – not bad 😉 Plus, like all bitter leaves, it stimulates the digestive juices, so particularly great for a BBQ! This is so simple – an idea rather than a recipe, so it all hinges on the quality of the ingredients.

Serves 6


4 red chicory

A handful of mixed microgreens (I used garlic chives, mustard greens, red radish)

Good quality extra virgin olive oil

Good quality balsamic vinegar (I use this one)

Pinch or so of Himalayan pink salt


Slice each chicory lengthways, first in half, then into thirds (or more if the chicory are particularly large as you want delicate slices), taking care to keep the core attached to each slice.

Arrange on the plate, scatter over the microgreens, and drizzle over plenty of olive oil, and half the amount of vinegar. If you use a different balsamic you may have to use a little less as it may be sharper – the one I use is particularly sticky and sweet, and a therefore a great contrast to the bitter leaves.

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